Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh what too do

About 11 months left on my lease. Of course I've already started the replacement process in my head.

GMC Terrain, Prius, Toyota Highlander or keep the Mazda5.

The Bridges scored a hell of a deal on a Honda Pilot. They got a 2009 Touring model with only 6000 miles for a steal. This got me thinking into maybe a slightly used car. They are hard to find. Maybe.

Priorities are style, hatchback, MPG and MPG. Time will tell. Got lots of it.

Stopped by the dealer yesterday to get the Prius fixed. Three hours later it was "fixed". Drove 6 miles home. Hours later I drove 3 miles and the check engine light tripped back on. The car is back at the dealer.

They gave us a free rental car from Enterprise. Enterprise has the crappiest cars. They had to give us a Toyota. We got a smoked out Toyota RAV4 that has body damage and a stained passenger seat. WTF?!?!? Hopefully it will be fixed today.

While at the dealer I walked around a 2010 Prius. Salesman came out. I asked a few questions. Once again I knew more than a salesman. I would love to be a car salesman. No one would ever top me.

The negatives of a new Prius are:

Back seat has less legroom (so a baby seat would fit tighter)

Cargo area is smaller (less room for crap)

That's about it. I will likely do what I did with my last lease and see if I can trade it in early and "make money". I traded in my Acura 4 months early and even with the early termination fee, came out $1000 or so ahead. Seeing as the Mazda5 has less than 17K miles on it now, by the end of the year it will likely have around 21K miles...not bad for a 2 1/2 year old car.

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