Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back in '03

I'm somewhat looking forward to next month. I won't be forced into working 6AM-2PM everyday. I've been tired and cranky all month with this schedule.

Mother in law coming next week with an open ended ticket. Swear I just saw her.

Seems every month some drop side baby crib is being recalled. I'm going to use an old car tire and pillow for the fooderator.

Netbook is back in order. I'm glad I bought a "business" netbook versus a consumer netbook. The difference? I got next day shipping for my replacement hard drive. I called HP support Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning a new hard drive was dropped off. The reason I bought this model was it has an metal casing which protects the screen better than plastic as well a 7200 RPM hard drive.

Pondering a Macbook Pro 13 inch model as my next computer. Lots of pondering left too do.

Got bored yesterday. If I want to buy my Mazda5 next March I can do so for $12,337.

I miss playing Flight Simulator. One day I will build up a basic rig again.

Stumbled upon Kellis' blog from back in 2003 by using the Internet Archive. Pretty interesting looking back on when she bought her FIRST dog and traded in her Corolla for a SUV. Good stuff. Her archived site is here.

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