Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long day

Yesterday was a long day.  I was assigned just one flight from Bentonville, Arkansas to Dallas. Being my last leg I wanted to fly fast....and I did. Also being my last leg I didn't care too much about how nice the landing was....just get'r done. Lucky for the passengers the landing was nice. After parking the plane at 9:15AM, I hopped in the awaiting Prius and was sped away at 9:30AM.

Walked in the front door at 9:50AM and began unpacking and then repacking my bag for the trip to New York. At 10:05AM we were headed back to the airport.

Parked my car in the employee lot and we were on the employee bus at 10:35AM.

The security line was somewhat long. Because I was not on duty I had to go through regular security. I stayed in uniform so I could bring all my liquids through.

Once clear of security I changed into "normal clothes". I had not eaten all morning....bought a fajita taco and coffee. We boarded the plane at 11:15 AM and took our seats in First.

Lunch was a Salmon salad for me and Chicken Parmesan for Kelli. A few cocktails later and we landed in Newark.

We rented a car for the first time ever in New York. A minivan from National. While at the counter  I saw a Suburban out back. I asked how much more it would be. The agent said, "oh it shouldn't be much more."

Our minivan was $300 for 5 day all in. The Suburban would have been $540. Not much more my ass.

After mounting the Nexus One car dock I set up the phone for GPS and to be a wifi hotspot for my netbook. Away we went.

Should be fun. My sister in law Jami, her girlfriend Kelly and my niece Haley flew in from New York.

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