Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glad I backed up

Nice long weekend in New York. I realized I only want one kid. My nieces are great...but three together....wow. No thanks.

My brother and sister in law work long hours...longer than me. Think my brother in law takes the cake with 17 hour long shifts. The most I can do is 16 hours...which I've done, but it's not the norm. My brother in law got screwed into a long shift because he arrested a guy and had to do the whole take them to jail and court thing. His being able to function on so little sleep is amazing. All that and he is thinking of getting a part time job?!?!??!?! Holy grey hairs Batman! Would make much more sense for his wife to get a part time job. He has a lot on his plate....and needs to let someone else eat a little.

Took Kelli, my mother in law Peggy, sister in law Jami and her girlfriend Kelly to the Engadget Show while in New York. Told them it's geeky/techy. They actually enjoyed it! The video is posted here www.engadget.com/2010/04/26/the-engadget-show-008-dr-dennis-hong-ryan-block-rick-karr/

On the way back I was nice and comfy in the exact same First Class seat I had on the way there when my netbook froze and displayed a Blue Screen Of Death. It had been acting a little funny over the weekend. Hard drive is now dead. A looong call to HP Support and they are shipping me a new hard drive. Glad I backed it all up on my Windows Home Server. On the next trip to Oregon I need to get a backup system going for my mother in law and brother in law. Same for trips to Sacramento for my sister in law. Should have done it for my brother in law while in New York. With all of them storing photos on their hard drives....they need a backup. Once I get the new hard drive in my netbook I can use the Windows Home Server to be up and running in under 30 minutes as it can restore the entire had drive.

Still wanting the Venza. Going to do my best too wait.

My label maker saved the day again. Kelli left her Kindle DX on the plane in her seat. We were sitting right up front. Thankfully none of the exiting passengers noticed it and grabbed it. Some how the cleaning crew didn't find it nor did the previous or next flight attendants. The plane sat for 3 hours. The next passenger found it, pulled it out and saw Kellis' name and number on the back and called it. Only then did Kelli remember she forgot it. We rushed back to the airport. Thankfully I can get thru security without a ticket and we live close. If we lived further away or were "normal" people it could have been dicey. When things are left on planes its turned over to the flight attendant, who gives it to a gate agent who gives it to an airport volunteer (who are old people and honest for the most part!) OR one of the wheelchair pushers (who have a VERY high turn over rate and as a group not trustworthy) to bring to a small office in Terminal B. From there they attempt to locate the owner. With a name and number odds are high. The hardest part is getting the item to that office. I love my label maker!

No Ipad for me. Played with it again while in New York. Just an expensive toy. I think I'm going to wait and buy a new Macbook Pro instead.

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