Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tablet! Tablet! Tablet!

No secret I like toys. He who dies with the most toys wins. Kelli doesn't like this game. I have appeased her by reducing my computers in use from 15 to around 6 on any given day.

I travel...comes with the job. I'm sure you've seen the large bags and luggage flights crews lug through airports. We live out of these bags for up to 4 days at a time in my case. Space is at a premium.

Right now as far as gadgets/toys I carry a laptop/netbook (Macbook Pro or HP 5101 depending on how long I'll be gone), Zune HD and my Nexus One Cellphone. Not a lot. But when I have my Macbook Pro I have a hard time bringing my lunch bag as the Macbook Pro takes up a lot of space. My netbook is fine for the most part and I could likely not get a tablet, but golly darn it's so Star Trek future like.

Which tablet to get. All the eyes are on the Apple Ipad. It's nice....I like it, but I'm going to try and wait for the Google Android Tablet on the way. I've been using Android from the first day it was available when the T-Mobile G1 was released. I used Google Gmail, Google Calendar (makes it super easy for Kelli and I to share events/things too do) and Google Navigation. I also recently signed up for Google Adsense to get a couple of bucks by placing ad's on my pilot blog. But when's it coming out? eh.

A tablet would be great as it would be slimmer than a netbook. It would fit in coach just fine....and it would up my geek cred. Just sayin.

I'm currently hanging out at Don Davis Toyota. Kellis Prius had a check engine light yesterday morning. I brought up the idea of swapping cars since I would likely get off early in the morning. Which I did. The swap didn't go as smoothly as I thought.

We swapped cars north of the airport yesterday. The swap went fine...but I forgot my parking pass. Currently I don't have the bluetooth in each of our cars registered to both phones. I tried calling Kelli (she left before I did), but she didn't hear her phone. I take responsibility as I handle the tech in the house. I'm going to register both phones to both cars. Problem should be solved....as long as we have bluetooth turned on.

Need to get on the ball with a backyard camera.

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