Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hope we have it as easy

Hanging out in Tomkins Cove, New York. My newest niece, Rene, is amazingly pleasant to be around. She is just 6 months old but sleeps through the night without a fuss. Never cries. Well not never. She was quiet the first 2 days...literally not a single wimper. On day 3 while stuck in New York traffic she went ballastic. Crying like she was dying.  This was only after spending all day in Central Park. Since then she has been absolutely quiet. I hope we are so lucky.

My brother in law lives in a pretty small town in New York, yet has better Internet than I have. He has Verizon Fios is 20Mbps up AND down! I only have 20Mbps down and 2Mbps up. Ugh. I have run out of stuff to download.

Our Nexus One phones are proving very helpful. Well not so much the phones as much the Android software. The Google Navigation brought us from the Newark Airport to Tomkins Cove without paying a toll or getting stuck in bad traffic. All automatic....and free. Every time my brother in law brought us from the airport to his house we always paid a bunch of tolls.

My other nieces Haley, age almost 3, and Gianna, 4, are having a good time. Haley is just as tall as Gianna.....I think she's on roids.

Walked thru Central's huge. We parked on the wrong side from where we wanted to be. Almost two miles of walking later we reached the carosel. The kids had fun. We then walked another mile to a very quaint pizza place. Just one table, enough for the 9 of us. The owner didn't seem too enthused about putting pepperoni on his pizzas...but he did. All of the pizzas he had ready were uber fancy.

Today we are heading back into the city. Hoping to hit the Engadget show tonight at 6PM....that's if the others can last that long.

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