Monday, May 3, 2010

Attata boy Apple!

My Macbook Pro has more airline miles than all but the most seasoned travelers. My Macbook Pro has been to 4 different countries in addition to 1000's of miles in the sky. It's been placed in well over 100 security bins going through security. It's been around. I love my Macbook Pro.

Thursday night for the first didn't turn on. Black screen. I had been working in Windows 7 playing MLB2K10 (a brand new baseball game) for hours and needed to work in Mac OS X. When I rebooted. Nothing. After a few presses. It came on.

Friday I was sent to Little Rock, Arkansas for the night. I closed my Macbook Pro and put it too sleep. It would never wake again.

When I got to Little Rock it wouldn't turn on. I would get the "chime" but no video. I tried and tried. Nothing. Thankfully I had my Nexus One.

I used my Nexus One to learn about a known issue with the Nvidia chipset in my Macbook Pro. Apple agreed to fix any Macbook Pro that failed within 2 years of purchase. I bought my Macbook Pro March 2008. The basic warranty expired last year. Not good.

Thankfully part of the extra money spent on my Macbook Pro came in handy. Apple is known for fixing problems even though the equipment is out of warranty.

I brought my Macbook Pro to the "Genius Bar" (I HATE THAT NAME!) Saturday. The "Genius"...same guy who gave me a new battery under warranty last year, inventoried my well worn Macbook Pro, and said it would be fixed free even though I was way out of warranty and passed the 2 year mark for the extended warranty on the video card. Nice.

I had another problem on Saturday. I was tired. Drunk tired. I had never felt so drunk/high/loopy before. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion and I had problems concentrating. After a bit of thought I tracked down the problem. Low blood sugar.

I haven't had sugar in over 3 weeks. Seriously. None. Zero. Nadda. I had been eating low carb including many salads and veggies...but no fruit. Turns out my vigelence was a bad idea. I had some sugar....and a nice Thai spicy, carb filled dinner. Still felt loopy.

Called in sick Sunday morning. Still feeling odd. After a super sugary breakfast....I felt much better.

Sunday we cleaned out the baby to be room (mother in law is coming in this week to paint and decorate). We then headed out to IKEA and bought a new bed frame for the guest bedroom. The current frame was a bare metal frame that would cut your legs if you walked too close.

The bed frame was long (that's what she said)....80 inches long. My Mazda5 swallowed the whole thing (that's without a fuss. On the way home I got gas...recorded the highest MPG ever....29.24 MPG!!! Over the past 6 months I have AVERAGED 26.16 MPG. I use an application for Android called Mileage. Crazy easy to use and spits out lots of data. The lowest MPG average I've recorded was 23.24 MPG. After getting gas Kelli questioned me, "You want to get rid of this car why?" I sighed. I had no answer. The best I could come up stereo bluetooth. Logic came with a thundering slap. Keep the Mazda5 Darren.

No way that bed would have fit in any compact SUV (ahem Honda CRV...ahem) or even a midsize SUV. My Mazda5 has never failed to carry whatever we have purchased.

So maybe I will keep it. I need to work the numbers too see if it would be more adventageous to buy it now or wait till the end. If I wait till the end the leasing company could offer me a lower price. Hmmm.

Tax return came in. Kelli and I differ on what to do with it. She wants to pay off debt. I want to save it. The debt we have is nearly all on 0% interest credit cards. Eh.

Oh and I want a new Macbook Pro. My current one will be retired and rechristened to stay at home. It's done it's job well.

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