Thursday, May 20, 2010

Couldn't fix it

Buddy of mine has a busted Dell Inspiron laptop. The screen went out. I offered to look at it. After opening it up I found a burned out backlight bulb. When I say burned out, I mean it was physically burned. Something arched bad. I hoped it was just a bulb as the LCD is at least $150 and the inverter board is $40. So $190 in parts for a 2 year old laptop that was $500 new. Eh....not a great investment. I put in a new bulb, not the issue as it turns on...then archs. Instead of spending more money he's going to turn it into a desktop and buy a new one.

Still mulling over a replacement for my Macbook Pro.

Washington D.C. this weekend? Maybe.

My in laws are interesting...much like Kelli and I, my mother and father in law are different. Having each one come visit separately showed how different they are.

Today is my 5th day of "work" all week. I haven't flown anywhere the last 4 days. Would like to fly at least once this week. Just sayin.

Think  I'm going to get my dad a Roku box for fathers day. Speaking of my dad. I bought him a Paul Simon DVD from Amazon. He called stating it wouldn't play and that he was getting a wrong "region" message. I looked at the product page at the comments. Several people were shipped a DVD intended for a different country. Not cool Amazon. The Roku box will allow him to stream movies and TV shows over the net to his TV easily. It has a very basic remote which is good as he is not techy.  I do the same thing thru my Xbox 360.

Our Ooma service is 9 months old. We paid $200 for the box. We have now recovered our initial investment. Previously with Vonage we were paying $23.76 a month. So going forward we are truly saving that much per month. Issues? None. Service quality? No one knows we don't have a "real" phone. Anyone looking to save money should switch. It's truly easy any one of my in laws could do it.....and should.

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