Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Missed it by one

Kelli mailed...errr non-reved her mom home yesterday. We listed her for 1st class....and she missed it by ONE seat. I hate when that happens. Kelli and I have missed 1st class a few times by ONE seat. I would prefer to miss it by 10 seats rather than ONE seat. That ONE passenger had a confirmed seat on a later flight at that. Oh well....she got an aisle seat. Better luck next time.

Kind of odd to walk into the old guest bedroom and see a crib there....and lavender walls.

Our TV is free of "old fashioned" tube TV's. Sold our 32 inch TV and 20 inch TV for $55 total last week. Took a loss...hell I even through in a free DVD player. New 24 inch Viewsonic LCD arriving today for the guest bedroom. Father in law arrives Thursday night.

Need to work on my man cave. Planning on moving the slot machine in there.

Sister in law looking for flights here in June for Kellis baby shower. The summer travel season means high prices. Maybe one day Haley can get a part time job as a flight attendant.

Easy work day today. Woke up at 5:10AM. Rode to the airport at 5:45AM. Talked on the radio and pressed buttons from 6AM till 7:30AM (Captain flew home as I flew to Little Rock)....then was done.

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