Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Me and my Macbook

Me and my Macbook Pro are back together again. Pretty quick repair as I dropped it off late Saturday and it was ready Tuesday afternoon. They had to order in a part which meant it didn't arrive until Tuesday morning. Very happy. Best of all it was free.

I was on my way to the Apple store to ponder buying a new Macbook Pro when they called. Good timing. I narrowed down my wants to a 2.53 GHz Macbook Pro with the high definition screen. I get a 8% discount on Apple products (except IPads!!!) which saves quite a bit of money. Of course taxes are 8.25% so....yeah. I did that math and it would be cheaper for me to fly to Philedelphia, rent a car and drive 30 miles to an Apple store in Delaware than for me to buy a Macbook Pro from the local Apple store. I would come out ahead by $80 if I did the fly and drive route. Just sayin. and offer great prices, but they don't offer the high definition screen option. It's tough being a geek.

My mother in law Peggy is in town. She's going to paint to offspring room lavender. I had no say. If I did I could paint the room a nice deep red on all four walls except for one two inch strip that would be black....because the offspring will be taking us from the black and into the red. Insightful eh?

Started a baby savings account last night on ING. Peggy seemed concerned as I was asking Kelli for her ING security details (in order to link the baby savings account so she can access it). She didn't get why we have so many savings accounts....well it's all for organization.

I have one main savings account as does Kelli. We share an account we each contribute $20 a month to for unexpected household issues (fence blows down, Air Conditioner fails...etc). I have an old savings account that was used to hold money from when I was a flight instructor and didn't have taxes taken out. Now we will have a baby savings account for baby stuff. We might never use it....but if we need money in a hurry for something, we have it set aside. Since all ING accounts are free and earn more interest than regular banks....why not?

Headed to the Doctor today for my annual FAA exam. Starting at age 35 I will have to have an EKG.....then at age 40 I get an EKG every year. Something to look forward to. Bleh.

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