Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best coffee ever

I love coffee. That's no secret. Kelli hates that I love coffee as I make a mess while making coffee.

A few months ago I started grinding my beans fresh....better tasting indeed. Recently I bought an Aeropress Coffee Maker...holy better non bitter coffee! I love it! And it's "green" since it uses no power. Best tasting coffee I have ever had.

A little worried about continuing to play games on my Macbook Pro after the video card failure. My computer gets crazy hot during game play. Not good.

Saved a little more than $100 this month by taking my lunch to work/not buying airport food. I could have saved 3X that if not for a few one off payments (tickets to and from NY, CD's my dad wanted from Amazon). Hoping to have a better May.

I love the Google Chrome browser, Evernote, Lastpass and Google Voice. Everyone should use these applications/services.

Odd to see a bed in the front bedroom that used to be my office. Just so used to seeing that door closed or, if open, full of stuff.

Played $40 on my slot machine...lost it all in 10 minutes..won at most 20 credits.

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