Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Thursday.....and I'm still a geek

Went with Kelli to the OBGYN yesterday. I always feel like I'm the enemy there.

Seems like Penelope is going to be huge. Kelli is measuring at 30 weeks.....she is only 27 weeks. Kelli also failed her gestational diabetes test. Has to go in for a longer one. I think she didn't prep correctly as she didn't eat much the day prior. She had lunch around 1PM and nothing until the test the following day. is an awesome site. Ordered a set of AC/DC drumsticks for Rockband/Guitar Hero for $2.80 shipped!!!

Our grass is looking better. Need to do something with the bushes.

Still one the fence about cameras. I might bite the bullet and get traditional cameras. Going to decide by the end of next week. Of course I should have done this in winter...going to be hot as hell...probably hotter....up in the attic.

Got a rock chip repair kit for my car. The chips are mostly from when I leased the car. I didn't do a proper inspection..shame on me. The car had 800 miles on it from being transferred between dealers. Never again will I buy a car without a super detailed inspection.

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