Friday, May 14, 2010

Shame on you Compusa

Boo bad weather. Bad weather caused us to cancel our trip to Philly today. Bleh. Penciling in Washington, D.C. for tomorrow.

I am really good at talking my way out of stuff I want. I'm cheap. I spend hours trying to save an extra 1%...ridiculous.

The new TV my mother in law bought for the guest bedroom lasted about 30 minutes. I watched a 30 minute TV show Wednesday night on it. Great picture. Thursday I was getting ready to mount it and decided to test it one more time. Dead. Just kept rebooting. It's on it's way back to Amazon.

My father in law arrived last night. We needed a TV...bought a 1/2 way decent Dynex TV from Best Buy. Not really happy with it. Pondering if I want too keep it.

Kelli and her dad are at the Bodies exhibit in Dallas today. I have no desire to see that kind of stuff.

Really worried about the longevity of my current Macbook Pro given the known video card issue. Eric has the same laptop....his is chugging along fine. Hopefully mine will last.

Compusa built a store 3 miles from my house. I was happy at first. I needed an HDMI cable for the new TV. There is a "value" cable on their website for $7. I stopped by yesterday only to find "performance" cables for $35! Boo on them. I went to Fry's about bought 3 "value" cables for $9 total. Shame on you Compusa.

Still enjoying my new coffee maker.

Think my geek buddy Kerry is up to something with domain names. Sneaky sneaky.

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  1. We have ran into that problem with Compusa before. We saw the video player we wanted to buy Marin on their website but when we went to the store they had no idea what we were talking about and said it was probably an online only thing.