Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Aldi is a new grocery store....well new to North Texas. A store opened up less than 1/3rd of a mile from our house becoming the closest grocery store by more than a mile.

Aldi has low prices which is helped by mostly private label foods. They have VERY low prices on produce, milk and meat. How low? Gallon of milk for $1.62. Most produce is 10%-30% lower than Wal-Mart. Of course being private label...if you don't cook...probably won't find much.

I bought a weeks worth of food for meals. Kelli bought Starburst, Strawberries and Bananas. She said she will start cooking.....one day. Total bill...$30. We normally spend $80 a week. Having fewer options means less money spent. Also having Kelli just buy Starbust, Strawberries and Bananas helped lower the bill.

Guess we are keeping the TV. Kelli put her foot down on me doing anymore TV swapping.

The Macbook Air is an interesting computer. Lots of rumors flying around that a new model was coming last week....then today. Nope. Apple did release a new Macbook today. Faster CPU, better graphics,  better battery...same price...$999. Very competitive. The specs match the Macbook Pro base model except for the Pro has 2GB more RAM, a SD card slot, backlit keyboard and a aluminum case. The base Macbook Pro is $1199. The only true performance difference is the 2GB of RAM. I thought for sure Apple would lower the price of the Macbook. Didn't happen. One thing of note....the previous gen Macbook is under $750 via the refurbished section of the Apple store. Apple refurb's have the exact same one year warranty as new models. Very good price for students or people with common computer needs.

Byrdintheoven.com was updated 3 times yesterday! Crazy!

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