Sunday, May 16, 2010

Swagger Wagon

My Mazda5 is officially a Multi Activity Vehicle.....with sliding doors. My friend Angela gives me grief over sliding doors. Deep inside I know she is jealous.  She will never be able to rolldown the street in a Swagger Wagon.


Absolutely hilarious. There is a whole series of videos that Toyota produced that are all very funny....and sadly only online!

I'm serious about electronics. I really liked the first Viewsonic TV I bought for the guest bedroom. Nice picture and size....too bad it died. Next up was a 24 inch Dynex TV from Best Buy....720P....just $209. It had a 8 second boot up and crappy picture. Back it went. Now up is a 26 inch Vizio LED TV...very thin. Already found at least one dead pixel. I will give it a few days. Yes I know it's a guest TV....but I don't want my guest watching subpar TV.

Weather screwed up our plans to go to Washington D.C...or anywhere with my father in law. Flights Saturday were VERY open as of Thursday night. Bad weather on Friday cancelled tons of flights Friday. All those passengers were pushed to Saturday flights...overfilling them. This also killed my plans on buying a laptop tax free. Oh well.

I work 6 days in a row this week. Ugh.

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