Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not that there's anything wrong with that

Not sure what's going on but my appetite for processed food has dropped dramatically. I've been cooking a lot more. Still on my low carb (not no carb) diet along with avoiding high fructose corn syrup and sugar. Doing very well. Content. Who knows how long it will last. I do like cooking. Lots of chicken breast and veggies....some beef as well.

Having Aldi so close is nice. I can stop in for a few basics....nuts....blackberries....super ghetto koolaid (private label Crystal Light...20 packets for $1.59!!!! Walmart brand is the same price for 10!!!!).

Job satisfaction is down. Pretty bored lately.

This is the year of the tablet. Still no Ipad for me. Very interesting ereader coming out next month. A full color ereader that can buy books from Barnes and Noble for $199. No 3G..but there is wifi. Runs Android (my favorite Operating System). Comes out next month.

Maybe it will be for me.

Still thinking about a laptop replacement.

Started seriously looking into security cameras. Not cheap. Wired cameras are inexpensive, but the controller cards that allow true 30fps per camera are not. Network cameras are semi-affordable, but not the outdoor variety.

If I keep with network cameras I can easily move the server around the house whenever I want. Also I can easily integrate them into my current software. Choices.

Penelope is the name of the week.

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