Monday, May 24, 2010

She's flying for the last time....really

Friday night The Bridges came over. Marin bought an outfit for Natali. We have met Marin several times over the years. She finally got comfy with us I guess as she said more words Friday night than over the last 3 years combined. Probably helped that Kelli put her dogs away and out of the room.

Saturday we took the trip to DC that we wanted to do with my father in law the week prior. Flights were very open all day. We took the 7:10AM flight out and arrived at 11AM. I wrongly assumed Kelli researched and planned on how to get from the airport (DCA) to the Newseum. I finally broke down and used my phone...same phone Kelli find the way. She tried to use the maps around the airport...which were of no help. We have Google Android powered phones with GPS and Google Maps....a few clicks. Seeesh.

Subways in DC are crazy cheap. It was $2.90 per person round trip! The Newseum was very nice. It did bother me that a private company had so much memorobilia. They kind of control history. Eh. Took a few photos. The 9/11 area got Kelli a little emotional. This was the only place where tissues were available. One would think they would have been out around the Berlin wall...nope.

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After about 3 hours we were done. Lucky for us an Asian festival was going on right in front of The Newseum. We walked around and found lunch. Kelli had Indian food while I had Chinese. I'm glad I grabbed some cash the night before for my slot machine AND took it out that morning to take with me. We then walked around a bit and found our way to the History museum. Pretty tired. Wanted ice cream. Found a Ben and Jerry's (again via our awesome Android powered phones!). As we walked up a group of 11 (mostly kids) walked up...all wanted ice cream. We didn't have time to wait. Back to the airport.

Kelli was really beat. I mentioned we should J-walk and cut across the street to the subway entrance. Kelli said it was a bad idea to J-walk in the nations capital. A few moments later she was J-walking as she was tired.

As we got off I noticed a very small purse sitting across the aisle. The lady who is belonged to got off two stops prior. She was likely distracted by her MP3 player she was listening to music on. I picked up the purse and gave it to a subway employee in the ticket booth who didn't seem to care and tossed it on her desk. Hope she gets it back.  I squeezed the purse hoping there was a phone inside that I could have used to call someone to let them know where the purse was. No luck.

We sat down on the 6:30PM flight and were driving home by 8:10PM. Last flight for Kelli until August. Really!

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