Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waiting for "it"

E-Harmony commercials advertise meeting someone like you with common interest and how great they are at it. E-Harmony would have never connected Kelli and I.

Even though I am forced to live with a damn tree hugging, liberal democrat who thinks more rationally than I deem necessary. It works. Whenever I get all in a fuss about work....she brings me back down to reality......not that it's a good thing at the time.

I get weekends off next month. I am going to attempt to arrange for a few days off to take that free cruise.

Kelli loves the way the Zune HD software works...not so much her G1. The new phone coming out at the end of the year from Microsoft will have the same software as the Zune HD. I too fancy the software....just not sure I could live with it everyday.

Name of the week is Arbez. Read it backwards.

Our next big vacation is in August. We are planning on traveling to Sunriver cabin/resort in Oregon. Still haven't figured out what I am going to do there. I know there is Wi-Fi. Several years ago I went swimming in the ocean in Hawaii. That's about as outdoorsy as I get.

Still waiting for that "it" technology that truly combines my phone, MP3 player, computer and time wasting device. Maybe the new Windows phone will be "it". Would be nice not to "have" to carry so much stuff around.

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