Monday, February 15, 2010

The proper mix of old and gay

Guess we are headed to Sacramento this week. For the first time ever I don't need to buy Allergy Meds! My sister in law finally took my comfort into consideration and got rid of her cats. Okay not sister in law's girlfriend is allergic to they got rid of them. Flights are decently open. If crap hits the fan we can fly out of San Francisco via the free shuttle from Sacramento to San Francisco. Oh the shuttle is operated by my sister in law.

Google's new Buzz service made lots of mistakes.

Google's new Buzz service is hoping to overtake Facebook and Twitter. They opted every GMail user INTO the service and then opened all the gates for everyone's information. In theory if your Doctor used Gmail and you sent him just ONE email, you would be following him and be able to see all his contacts, his photos of Flickr, Youtube Videos and more. This has since been fixed. Google Buzz is neat and with Facebook pissing off so many may take off.

Had a rough couple days with the weather. Worked several long days including one where I was more tired than I have ever been. Spooked me out a bit on landing. Everything went fine, but right after and even now I don't remember landing at all. Spooky indeed.

I'm scheduled to be a guest on a podcast this week. Will post more after it debuts.

The new Amazing Race started. Seems every season must have an old person and at least one gay person.

Loving my man cave.

Kelli has had her Macbook for just over a year. Prior to this she had a top of the line HP Notebook with Windows Vista. Her swearing never stopped with that computer. The silence that has been around since she bought her Macbook is great. Only an occassional blip now.

Pondering over my own computer. Debating splurging a little over $300 for a new battery and power adapter or holding off for a new computer. I do like the Alienware M11X. The M11X is a gaming laptop with dual video cards. One card for gaming...the other for better battery life. The M11X starts at $799 but it about $1024 in a decent configuration. A 13 inch Macbook Pro isn't much more....has better battery life and a little better specs. Eh.

Finally.....that's what she on the photo to make it clearer

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