Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cables and holes

I was able to get a block of 5 days off next week and thought about doing a minication. I looked at using our free cruise (it expires in a few weeks). It looks like we could use it. Kelli gave me the, "Are you F*!(ing serious look?" Why did I not using the word Fucking? Hmmm. Eh.

So as of 7:41AM on February 9th we are not going on a cruise this month. True we just came back from a cruise a few days ago. Bleh.

My gadgets need power. Power comes from holes. I need cables to connect my gadgets to the holes.

Normally I pack a spare power adapter for each of my portable computers. The power adapters are used almost 100% on the road and live in my suitcase. A few days ago I made this mistake of using a spare power adapter at home. I went to work yesterday without the power adapter for my Macbook Pro. Ugh. Thankfully I had time to sign into work, come home and go back. Never again.

New photos up at Byrdintheoven.com . Proof of legs now exist.

Not sure if I can wait till October for a new phone. October is going to be a bad month to try and get a new phone. The Anticoupe (name of the week) will be competing for Kelli's cash as well. Hmmmm.

Apple.com store is down. Maybe new Macbook Pro's today?

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