Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm a doctor dammit not a geek!

So until yesterday I thought this whole preggo thing Kelli has been gabbing about was fake. She just made it up....started eating more...injecting herself with fake syringes and popping a bunch of pills. Ha...just kidding.

Yesterday I went to the OBGYN with her for the first time. I swear that office is a man hating group. I always had the most uncomfortable chair in the room.

The sonogram machine that I sat next too yesterday was brand spanking new. The last time I was there it was an older machine with a tiny black & white monitor. This new machine had huge LCD monitors and a spot on the back that I swear was for men to plug in laptops and other toys.

The doctor did have a some issues getting the machine to cooperate. Lots of clicking and wondering out loud. At some point she called for the "cheat sheet". Pretty funny. She did admit she didn't get much training and that, "Darren you would be quite amused if you saw some pilot in the cockpit with a manual, scratching his head and pushing buttons." True.

Photos are up at Byrdintheoven. I did see the legs. Not wanting to seem like a pedophile but I think I saw 4 leg like appendages. Two legs, the power cord and possibly a pepe.

Not really happy with the new Zune computer. It's small...but the CPU is a 4 year old Celeron 2.0 GHz. Slow. Hmmm. I haven't built a computer in almost 2 years. Might make a trip to Fry's today.

Marin (of ) turns 3 on February 7th. Wow time flies. Would be nice if I-Mixed came out already 3 and potty trained. Hmm ya know how the directions for cake are like 45 minutes at 350 degrees? What if you turned it down to 25 degrees? So maybe there could be a drug to slow down I-Mixed for say...3 years. Hmmm no wait that won't work. So much for typing out loud.

I can't wait till I have like 6 weeks vacation a year......there are soooo many cruise deals. I am on a mailing list. Cheaper to cruise than live in Euless!

Cruise photos will be up today....pinky swear.

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