Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I've Learned From Women Who Have Dumped Me.....

It's no secret I love technology. Yesterday while sitting in the bowels of the airport, I gave part two of a technology consultation with a Captain (part one was the day prior). He was (like most American) paying $70+ a month for phone and Internet plus another $120+ for television. Kelli and I pay $120 a month for all three. The biggest chunk of change will be saved by switching to Ooma for phone service. Ooma pays for itself in a few short months. I bet my mother in law could save a ton of money by switching to Ooma. Same phone number....same dial bill.

Found out we aren't the only one's who are going to dive into poop and throw up this year. A fraternity brother of mine is going to have twins in August/July. Additionally another couple we know is set up to have a kid. The connection is all three of us had troubles getting a bun in the oven. Ironically we will pull the loafs out around the same time frame.

I love my man cave. A place where Kelli doesn't complain about the disorganization. I  do need to straighten things up a bit in here though.

The flight for Eric, Angela and Marin tonight isn't looking so great. Tomorrow morning looks much better. I'm going to keep an eye on today's flight just in case.

Right now I'm reading (listening from Audible really) Things I've Learned From Women Who Have Dumped Me . The book is very funny and is told by several different men (so far.....might be a woman reader maybe?). One of the funniest sections was a father gushing about his new born daughter then going crazy as she seemed to love (and not throw up on) everyone but him. The book is under $10 on Amazon. If you have a MP3 player or want to burn CD's you can get the book free by following this link to Audible. Audible books aren't normal audio books. The readers are all very engaging. I really enjoy it.

Time for coffee....lots of it.

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