Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Non-Rev Adventure Down

So far I am 3 for 3 for shipping arranging my friends around the country. First was Kerry and her boykid to Portland. Then Katrina down to Houston. Most recently Eric, Angela and Marin to Chicago and back.

The two families with kids did something Kelli and I have never done while non-reving...they checked bags. Kelli and I travel light. For now. With offspring...guess it's not really possible. One great thing is when traveling on my passes...no baggage fees! Eric checked two bags there and three back. The baggage fees alone would have been $100 ($20 for the first bag per person....$30 for the second but since 3 people were traveling it's one $20 charge per person). I haven't heard any complaints so I assume they all got their bags.

The flights were decently open. The flight back from Chicago was a little full....but they got on....even had seats together.

Kelli and I have often seen where non-rev guest don't get on flights and get stuck in remote places. It really sucks as non-rev guest get on after all paying passengers, then all employees and their families. It can be tricky. There is a new tool though that allows me to see the planned non-revs and if they are employees or guests. Helps a little. What helps a lot with my friends is, so far, they have all started and ended their trip in Dallas, which is a hub.

Gotta get my eyes checked today. Almost out of contacts. I'm going to pickup a cheap pair of glasses as well. Makes no sense to waste a pair of contacts on days where I sit at home all day. Can't see TV without them.

This summer will mark 8 years that Kelli has adored me.

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