Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas came early

Network repair was literally an all day affair.

It all started with two needs:

1)One of the network jacks in the master bedroom wasn't working

2)I wanted my new router to control Internet access fully

That's it....not a lot to ask for.

I started around 8AM. By 9:45AM I was ready to start drinking and smoking. Everything was down.

Over the course of the day I had internet access....but no TV. Then I had TV but then no HDTV. By the time Kelli got home from work at 3:45PM I had TV...HDTV....most of the Internet....and still a network jack to fix.

Finally around 5PM I had the network jack fixed but the new router was pulled out of the loop. Done.

I released my stress with an hour on the treadmill.

Part of my network extravaganza was spent installing and setting up Tversity. With TVersity I can watch videos from Hulu and other web sources on our TV directly or thru the Xbox 360.

Hulu has a ton of content. The problem is, it's not convenient to watch on a laptop at home. Still playing with it. If I can get the quality a smidge higher I could convince Kelli to dump the premium cable channels.

Kelli and I exchanged Christmas gifts. Don't judge.

She bought me the wonderful Sleepphones as first seen by me by Leo Laporte on Twit. They are awesome. Very comfortable to sleep with. I sleep better and longer than before. As an added plus I can pull the band down and user them to block light as well. Very happy.

I also got a Uflymike setup for flying. This allows me to use either my Bose QC2 or QC15 headphones in the cockpit.....legally. Very nice and very excited to try them out later this week.

For Kelli I bought her a Zune HD 32 gig (mostly so I could get my 8 gig Zune back) and a special edition AC/DC CD and DVD collection. There are a few more small gifts coming as well.

New thermostat is coming today. Hopefully I won't kill the heater installing it. I installed on in our old apartment just fine.

I'm very excited about the Google phone coming out. Even more anxious that it will be compatible with the T-Mobile 3G network.

My Macbook pro battery is going out. Not happy. My original battery went out 11 1/2 months after I bought my computer. I had it replaced under warranty in April. Now 8 months later it holds less than 80% charge. Grrrrr. I'm going to just deal with it. I don't use it unplugged much....just on the treadmill and at the airport every now and then. Hopefully by April I can save up enough to buy the next generation Macbook Pro. At that point this one will be two years old.

Finally...this family has a member who used to work in special effects for Dreamworks (I think). They set up their Christmas lights to sync up to music....not just any music...but Guitar Hero. The garage door has a sync'd and PLAYABLE Guitar Hero screen. Amazing. The kid wears glasses because they lights are so bright.


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