Sunday, December 6, 2009

Google Navigation.....I love it

Navigation. Ten years ago most people used paper maps. Five years ago many people used portable navigation systems.....some still used paper. they still sell paper maps?

Google recently released Google Navigation for the Android operating system. This is what Kelli and I have on our phones.


This weekend we flew to Los Angeles (Santa Ana....but eh). This was the acid test for Google Navigation. It passed flawlessly.

We already use Google for searching for things nearby. Now it's even easier. Example. While walking to the rental car I spoke into my phone "Los Angeles Convention Center". The phone recognized what I said and searched for it. I then clicked on the address and clicked navigate. Done.

The phone screen turned into a turn by turn navigation system with text to speech. No "left turn ahead". Instead it said , " Turn left on Santa Monica Boulevard". Every street name was pronounced.

In addition there was traffic overlay, meaning it showed where the traffic slow downs were. It gives live traffic data not only from the local traffic authority but by also using how fast OTHER phones in the area are moving. Nice.

The only negative is the power consumption. Wow. I brought along a cigarette USB power adapter. It charged the entire time and never topped off.

Beyond that I have no problems at all.

Getting to hotel was a snap. I opened the email of the reservation. The address was in simple text format...not a link. I put my thumb on the address and held....a box popped up and I selected 'Map'. It then opened Google Maps. I then clicked on the location and clicked navigate. I love Google Navigation.

Lots of perks. Free upgrades...always up too date....

I now have one less gadget to carry along.

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