Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thermostat going out

Out thermostat is going out. House is almost 5 years old. Eh. Time to buy a new one.

Me being me wanted a super cool internet connected thermostat. I found one!

The ecobee is a wifi enabled thermostat. It is designed to be controlled through a computer. It was a fancy full color touchscreen and more. Then I saw the price....$499. Yeah about that.

Looking at something in the $50-$75 range. Found a few on Amazon.

Gonna go look at track lighting today. We have two chandiliers that are totally out of place in our house. I want to remove them. Actually there are 3 total chandeliers. The one by the front door will stay.

Haven't booked the cabins for the cruise yet. Waiting on my sister in law to get approval for the vacation. She should have the word on Monday Tuesday. I thought I had the most difficult scheduling system....nope....Jami has it worse.

I really enjoy my job. As of November I have flown more than 1500 hours. Of that over 1000 of those hours are in the Canadair Regional Jet. I am pretty sure I have more time in the cockpit than I do behind the wheel of my Mazda 5.

Speaking of my Mazda5....I still like it. If we had a bunch of offspring around it would be a great vehicle. Since we are only having one offspring. It is a bit much. Think a Suburban would make more sense. Ha!

During the LA Auto Show I was feeling Kelli out for the next family truckster. She still hates the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Surprisingly she liked the Mini Cooper Clubman (extended Mini Cooper). The Ford Mustang got no emotion from her. Still have 14 months to decide. The most sense would be to take Kelli's Prius and have her get a new car. Problem is she doesn't want a new car until there is some super smug electric car on the market.  The Nissan Leaf comes to mind.

Haven't posted a photo in a while.

waiting for my friend2

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