Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making the dogs disappear

I installed the new thermostat yesterday. Very straightforward physical installation. The programming is a little tricky as given evidence by the dogs all disappearing this morning.

I had the temp set at 70 until 10:30PM at which point it was to drop to 65 degrees. At 5AM it was to rise back to 70 degrees. Well I screwed up a bit. The temp was set at 62 degrees....the house dropped and 65 degrees. Temp outside was 29 degrees. This does show the house is pretty insulated that it can hold 65 degrees on it's own against 29 degrees outside!

When Kelli woke up at 5AM to let the dogs out, they were all burrowed under their blankets...not wanting to come out. Before she left for work they went back to bed. When I came out it appeared there were no dogs visible. Normally they can't wait to get out. I opened all of their movement. Eventually Vegas the tard came out like he normally does. For all I know Doogie and Lilo are in a movement at all.

I love coffee.

Tomorrow I go back to work for 5 two...on 5 more days. Hmmm I guess that's how "normal" people do it. Bleh.

I non-rev'd my best friend of 16 years (damn I'm old) to Houston yesterday. Still have 20 passes to burn before the end of the year!

The vacation policy at my job kinda blows. I have to bid on vacation a WEEK at a time. Now I rarely work more than 4 to 5 days in a row. I legally can't work more than 6 days in a row.

For January I bid and was awarded January 23rd thru January 29th. I am pretty sure my work days for next month for that time period will only include January 24th-January 27th. I will only get paid for January 24th thru January 27th. So January 23rd, January 28th and January 29th are "wasted" as I would have had the day off anyway. Really chaps my hide. At other jobs if you take a week of get paid for all of those days. Boo.

I love Kelli is an Amazon lover as well. I was able to share my Prime membership with her. We can now both order anything we want and get it in two shipping...NO MINIMUM order! If we want it the next day its $4. This works great for sending stuff to family and friends as whatever we order gets there fast.

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