Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is less of me to adore

Fatsecret is workin for me. Down 5 pounds so far. Nothing secret about it really. Limiting salt and calories....exercising at least 30 minutes a day. Some days I exercise for over an hour. Having a treadmill with a laptop holder helps pass the time.

Gastric bypass surgery. Some need it. Some don't. Some who get it annoy me when they gloat about how much weight they have lost and have great they are. Eh. They didn't do anything but pay a bunch of money and lay on a table. In all of my life I have only known one person with a thyroid issue. This lady exercises and eats better than I ever will, but is still large due to a thyroid issue. Beyond her I know quite a few people who struggle with their weight and do fine when they do the old fashioned diet and exercise.

My dad is the opposite of me when it comes to technology. For years he had a crappy Compaq computer. Four years ago I built him a new computer and brought it down to him. Last year I built another computer and mailed it down to him. He goes online just for email and a few other things. He has never purchased anything online (to my knowledge).

Earlier this week he was having a problem finding this certain Christmas gift for Kelli. It wasn't in the local store. He called me to see if I could find it online and then he would give me his information to buy it. The next day he ended up finding it at a store and will ship it too us. The item is available online...with free shipping. Eh. Different generations.

On the same idea.....a certain lady who gave birth to my wife (I don't want to use names to keep her identity private), has a fancy new touchscreen phone with a full keyboard, data plan and more. I was taken back yesterday when I found out she doesn't have email on the phone. That's like having a Ferrari to deliver pizza in. Sure it does the job....but take that bad boy out on the track!

Trying to sell my old radio on craigs list. I paid over $1100 for all of it last year. I am asking just $400. People on Craigslist are so fickle. No matter what I list people ask "will you take $250?" or "how about $300". I had a gentleman yesterday really tick me off.

He lives in California. Emailed to ask if I will ship it and that he will pay via paypal. I pondered it and agreed. I simply added $12 shipping and $12.09 to cover my paypal fees. He balked and said $400 max. WTF?!?!?!

I love my Zune HD. Kelli is getting to know hers.

Plug in Prius coming fall 2011. I turn my car in March 2011. Hmm what to do?

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