Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only took 7 1/2 years

Kelli prepared a meal last night that was worthy of a Texan. She prepared a brisket in her slow cooker that had the most kick (spice) of anything she has prepared/cooked before.

I don't blame her for the bland foods she has made in the past. Growing up in the north freezes people taste buds and causes them too lose taste. This causes them to accept bland foods as great because they don't know any better.

The brisket meal she prepared was very good. Wonderful flavor and spice.

Heater went down when we got back. I tried basic troubleshooting. Nothing. Repairman came. Apparently the thermostat on the wall was bumped just enough for the heater contact to not make contact. Fifty dollars later we are all fixed.

My Xbox 360 games look better on our 42 inch 720P Plasma than our 52 inch 1080P 120Hz LCD. I can only imagine it's the 600Hz refresh rate of the Plasma vs the 120Hz refresh rate of the LCD.

My geek buddy made it back from Portland just fine last night. She and her boy kid had a row to themselves. Checked two bags (smart woman) which normally would have cost $50 (each way!) but was free using my buddy passes. Thus the the baggage fees saved almost paid for the travel cost using my passes.

Christmas. Kelli and I are getting each other gifts. We already know what we are getting. Might not wait till Christmas.

Major meltdown for the network yesterday. Not sure what happened. Still not back up and running 100%.

One day soon I'm going to add up all the miles Kelli and I have flown over the last two years. I know how much we have spent....just over $3K in two years. That's a lot of travel for people buying real tickets. That's a hellofalotta tickets for us.

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