Friday, December 18, 2009


Switched to oatmeal. Not froo froo sugar laden packets...good old fashion plain oatmeal. It's cheaper than grits. I had 1 1/2 servings yesterday and was full all day. Wow.

Lost BOTH chargers for our cameras......$40 for a new Canon charger....$4 for an off brand....yeah.

Ever since we got a new dishwasher we haven't had a way to show clean or dirty dishes. We had a dry erase board on the old dishwasher. Kelli and I have talked about getting a new dry erase board. Never did. Yesterday we got "clean" and "dirty" magnets from our sister in law Jessi Richmond (I guess Byran is involved since he is married to her). Problem solved.

Found  a huge puddle of dried dog pee yesterday.

The need to "own" music is no longer with me. The need to "own" a movie is fading as well. With Netflix mail service, Netflix on demand streaming and Redbox...who needs to "own" movies ? How often do you watch the movies you "own" now?

Finally booking the cruise! My sister in law finally got the word she was approved for vacation. A few of the "cheap" rooms are gone. Will be slightly more expensive now. Tis okay.....we might get a room with a window now.

Coffee. I love it. I love good coffee. Dunkin Donuts is my favorite. The home brew stuff from them is crazy expensive. Cost more than Starbucks home brew! For a while I was sucking down 8 o'clock coffee....then it was some mexican brand of coffee. Today I switched to Community Coffee. Community Coffee is what I grew up on. Literally. It's what my parents drank. Puts hair on your chest. Sad really...I was the only 8 year old who had to have my back shaved.

Paper Heart...good movie. sister in law Jami is doing an amazing job raising her daughter Haley. The two are quite funny. Jami posted something on Facebook that had me laughing for a long time. I still chuckle when I read it:

Great idea, start training for a short triathlon. Another great idea spend time with Haley while training! Not so great idea, take Haley on a bike ride at 8:30am, in 43 deg weather. 15 mins in with teeth chattering she says "mommy my eyes are cold". Guess I need to train by myself until it gets warmer :-)

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