Friday, December 4, 2009

My first buddy pass!

So I have had buddy passes since the end of October. Last night I had my first taker.

Kerry of , wanted to fly to Portland. Ironic don't ya think? I told her in the past that getting to Portland can be hard. The non revenue gods were watching her as the last flight out last night was barely half full. She didn't decide on going until 6:45PM. The flight left at 9:10PM!

No biggie. I had her listed and ticketed (for non-rev anyway) within a minute. People who use my buddy passes get a few perks. They pay the same price for first or coach and can check two bags per person for free!

After I checked her in I emailed her boarding documents to get through security. She then was off to the airport. I thought she might need a little help...but she got out just fine (like Kelli, Kerry also holds a Masters degree...damn smart women!). She checked her bag curbside and breezed through security.

She would have had First class EASY except for the fact that she was traveling with her offspring. Since the flight was so empty she did get her own row.

I have 22 more one way passes to use before December 31st.....any takers?

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