Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two things you don't mess electronics and my wife

Last December my phone suddenly stopped working while in Cleveland, OH ( Here). I called support and was told my SIM card went 'bad'. I went round and round with support. I didn't buy the idea that my SIM card suddenly went 'bad'. The next day while I was in Northwest Arkansas I called support again and they fixed the problem. The problem was on their end NOT mine. My SIM card and my T-Mobile G1 were in fact fine.

This morning Kelli's phone suddenly stopped working. This was minutes after I got a phone call about the T-Mobile Cameo picture frame issue I am having. Kelli tried resetting the phone. No luck.

There are a few things you don't mess with. You don't mess with my electronics and more importantly you don't mess with my wife. Today T-Mobile did both!

I called support for Kelli as she was at work and I was certain the problem wasn't with her phone. Round and round we went. They kept asking me too call back when I had the phone in my hand. I asked why? "Well to troubleshoot." I asked what they wanted in the way of troubleshooting that hasn't already been done (Kelli knows basic troubleshooting and she had already done it). After a few more rounds they said her SIM card had gone....wait for it......BAD. This lit a fire under me big time.

I asked how it had gone bad. The agent said that SIM cards only last 12 to 18 months. I stated my SIM card was over 4 years old while hers was just under 3 years old. Hmmm NEXT. Well a lot of texting and data can cause it to go bad. I send and recieve many more text messages and TONS more data than Kelli. NEXT. If the phone is just left ON for a long period of time it can cause the SIM card to go bad. Really? I asked if I could stock up on SIM cards if that was the case because my phone is never turned off. He got quiet. I mentioned several times that I didn't buy the coincidence that her phone stopped working MINUTES after T-Mobile called me about the Cameo picture frame issue.

They weren't going to let go on the 'BAD' SIM card idea. I asked if they could simply reset the SIM card  entry on the account as that's what would happen if a new SIM card were acquired. Kelli was getting an error that her SIM card was not allowed to join the network. I figured something was blocking her card from being accepted. By resetting the number on the account it would likely reset and allow her card to join. He said he can't add a SIM card number that's not on the network. Hmmm but her card wasn't on the network. It's the same (in my head) as a card that is sitting in a plastic box down at the T-Mobile store. For whatever reason he wouldn't budge.

I ran down to the T-Mobile store for a SIM card. I asked the representative how often SIM cards go 'bad'. He looked at me like I was nuts. He stated SIM cards don't go 'bad' and that he has never seen a 'bad' SIM card that wasn't physically damaged. He admitted that the new card would fix the problem only because it would RESET the account permissions which is something support should have been able to do. Nice.

I left and drove to Kelli's work. On the way I tested the SIM card in my old phone. Worked fine. I put it in Kelli's phone...back in business. Most importantly Kelli is back in business. I am still very pissed that this whole thing happened in the first place.

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