Monday, April 27, 2009

Screw it we're moving.....

I found a really good pilot job paying $86K a year to start, has 24 days of vacation a year, guarantees 8 continuous days off a month and has an $18K bonus after 5 years. In addition they pay for round trip business class tickets to and from my base each month, $970 a month per diem (I get like $350 on a good month now), $550 a month for a place to stay while commuting and $550 a month into a pension plan. During the 5th year the pay goes up to $107K a year. All of this and I will be flying a Boeing 767.

The catch? Well it's in Japan. I told Kelli about it. She's all in. She's even willing to move! By comparison if everything goes perfectly I wouldn't be making that much money here for at least another 7 years.

Of course we aren't moving right away. I need a few more hours in the cockpit to qualify....but it's in the pencil...not pen...but in there.

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