Monday, April 27, 2009

KFC Grilled Chicken

I have tried the new KFC Grilled Chicken twice recently. The chicken looks a lot smaller as it's not surrounded by fried flour and such. The flavor is good, but the presentation didn't look appealing. I guess grilled chicken does look odd. Eh.

Kelli is having skin problems. Her sun burn has caused her skin to peel. First it was her legs. Now it's her arms. She can't go into the lab today as her skin could peel off and contaminate DNA samples. Ooops.

I am glad Kelli is learning Japanese. I might dip my toes in as well.

I found a job posting for pilots in Japan. First Officer salary is over $90K a year, they pay for business class tickets to commute home each month and more. I don't qualify now, but will within 18 months. Just an option.

Next month I have been able to move around my schedule enough to get Memorial Day weekend off and more. I just need to finagle the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

Kelli and I both have at least 2 months pay stored away for a rainy day. I like peace of mind. Kelli mentioned how she loves not having a car payment. I don't know what that's like. My first two cars I owned were both paid for by cash from my mom. Ever since then I have had a car payment. I have been close to paying off a car....but always traded it in. We are in preliminary discussions on what to do March 31, 2011....when my car is scheduled to go back.

Our friend Angela might do good with leasing. She is pondering trading in her 3 year old Honda CRV. Kinda like leasing...but without the added protection of a gauranteed trade in value. Just a thought there Angela. I use to get a ballpark on what lease payments should be on various cars.

What to do for lunch?

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