Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've been on three cruises I think. Two were to the Bahamas on Premier Cruise Lines "Big Red Boat (SS Ocenanic). At the time the Oceanic was one of the largest cruise ships going to the Bahamas. My mom booked the entire family on a 4 day cruise followed by a 3 day Disney trip. Back then it could all be booked at once.

The first time we went we had "normal" rooms. The second time my mom booked two of the six penthouse rooms. I stayed down below in a  normal room with another family member. The penthouse rooms were very large and had expansive private balconies. Very nice.

Since then I went on one "cruise to no where". My parents used to be big gamblers. Slot machines were my mom's vice. She didn't smoke and very rarely drank....she just gambled...often. She worked hard and could afford to gamble away.

When they couldn't make it to Vegas, they would hop on a casino bus and gamble in Louisiana. They gambled so much they won a couple of cruises from Isle of Capri casino. The cruise left the Port of New Orleans...and returned to the same port. I think it was 3 days. Day 1 was at sea. Day 2 was at sea. Day 3 was at sea on the way to the port. We went sometime in 1998 I think. I remember the ship was formerly Russian as there were many signs in Russian and then English.

Including the two cruises, I have been to Nassau, Bahamas 3 times on vacation. The last time my parents paid for the family to spend a week in Nassau. Funny story. We stayed at a Holiday Inn for a few nights. We left because they ran out of sheets!!! We went during Spring Break. My mom was a very powerful woman. After a little "discussion" the hotel put us up in the much nicer Radisson.

I have been to Nassau a few times since....but only for 50 mintues or so at a time. American Eagle used to fly DFW-Nassau non-stop. We would fly in...fuel up...and fly out. Very pretty island.

I said all that to say this. Next weekend Kelli and I are going on a 3 day cruise. This will be our first time flying somewhere in which we HAVE to be there at a certain time. That time is 3PM. We will be leaving on the first flight out of DFW to Miami. Right now the flights are fine. I am sure it will stay that way. We have back up plans just in case.

The total cost of the cruise is $199 a person. After $60 a person in government taxes and fees the cost is $512 out out the door for the both of us. Not too bad. I bought the cruise through a local travel company , Dynamic Travel, that is really big on line. I was going to use, but they charge $25 a person in "booking fees". Dynamic Travel offers Interline discounts. The best price I could find online for the same cruise is $270 a person + government fees and taxes. Not too shabby.

This will be Kellis first cruise. I will pack dramamine just in case.

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