Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shareable benefits

Kelli and I want to go somewhere international. We thought about Tokyo or London. With the recession....not the best idea to spend a lot of cash. I thought about another all inclusive resort (we went to Cabo San Lucas last year). The deals are good....but international flights still cost much more than domestic. Yes the cost is way less than normal people pay.....bleh.

Then I got to thinking. There is a great travel industry discount site called They have steep discounts on resorts and crusies. I found a 3 night cruise leaving Miami for $199 a person. The price on regular travel sites is $250+ a person. On Perx I found I am allowed to book up to 3 cabins under the travel discount. Unlike our flights, these are not standby cabins.....actual reservations!

This could be useful the next time my mother in law plans a big family vacation....or if some friends want to plan a cruise together.

I am going to call and set everything up this afternoon. We will be taking Norwegian Cruise Lines to the Bahamas next week.

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