Sunday, April 26, 2009

Really good value but....

So I bought this REALLY fancy Casio xd-st7500 at the DFW airport lost and found sale. I paid $15 for it. The device is covered in mostly Japanese characters. There is however an english keyboard.

A quick Google search on my phone found out it is a translator from Japanese to English. I figured it would be easy to go English to Japanese. Nope.

I can type a word in English and can only assume what I see to the side is the Japanese equivalent. The unit sells for over $450 on I got a good deal.

There is a mini-USB connection on the side. I connected it to my computer, and Windows XP tries to install a driver. Gotta do more research.

Kelli is learning Japanese.

We took a trip (and it is a TRIP) to Wylie last night to visit Eric and Angela and Marin. Hmmm probably should have used a comma somewhere in there. We ate dinner at a resturant and then played Scene It! on XBOX. I beat Kelli AGAIN. Marin was very quiet. This was probably due to use being "new". Kelli tripping Marin and making her cry didn't help.

I'm hoping to get Memorial Day weekend off next month.

Good times.

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