Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost a normal couple

For the first time in a long time, Kelli an I made plans more than a week...heck three weeks away!

We are going to Portland in May. As of now we are planning on flying back on the same flight at my mother in law. With so much advanced notice we can do so many things. Kelli made a reservation with the pet sitter (who is likely just as shocked as she normally gets a few days notice). I made a killer deal on a rental car with Alamo. They have the $10 a day special running again. The $10 car is a compact, for $4 more a day I reserved a mid-size. Alamo/National is the chain we rent from most often. The Mid-size category has a ton of options compared to the other categories.

Anyone who has a week off starting May 3rd can get a killer deal on a 7 day cruise. Due to the H1N1 virus (I refuse to use the other term!). Carnival cancelled one of the Los Angeles to Mexico cruises and instead created a Los Angeles to Canada Cruise.

Here is the deal!
Carnival Splendor
7-night Pacific Coast/Canada – Los Angeles (Long Beach) round-trip
● May 3, In/Out/Bal/Dlx $159/179/199/699 (3rd/4th $159)
[Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fun Day at Sea, Victoria, Vancouver, 2 Fun Days at Sea, Los Angeles]

If we had time off we could jump on this. A 7 day cruise for $159 a person!!!! Heck for just $199 a person we could get a balcony room! Nutty! One day when we are old (like 38) we will be cruise people.

Still wanting a slot machine. I found an awesome forum about them. I forsee myself having a couple of slot machines. Kelli has dogs. I will have slot machines.

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