Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's NOT a Hostel

Kelli is full steam ahead on Japan. She is practicing with her Japanese language CD's everyday. I did chuckle a bit when she asked how to configure her microphone on her Macbook. I then realized she has been living in a Windows world all her life. On a Windows computer getting a microphone to work can be  a small task (one being they don't always come with a microphone). On a Macbook...not only is the microphone built in...but it's ready to go! Her software has a speech analyzer to make sure she is saying the word correctly.

I was looking at going to Japan a few weeks ago. I found a very inexpensive, but nice hotel. The hotel (Sakura Hotel Jimbocho) cost about $90 a night. The rooms are clean and contemporary. Included in the price is Internet access and a basic breakfast. The hotel is very close to the subway. Oh yeah the restrooms are community style. Yeah that's where Kelli put the hammer down. I think it's a nice hotel that's kinda sorta a hostel. Bleh.

I have since found hotels with private restrooms for a little over $100 a night. Fine. I am probably going to rebid my vacation to cover the week we want to go. The Tokyo Motor Show for the public last October 24th thru November 4th. I think we will go for 4 to 5 days. We lose a day going there (as we arrive the next calendar day) but we hold on to a day coming back (as we come back on the same calendar day).

My brother in law is going to have another kiddo. Seems they got preggo by accident (again) 12 weeks ago....which is about the time we were in Disneyworld. This news lit a fire under Kelli. We discussed our situation. We will likely try again sometime AFTER going to Japan. We don't want to get SARS or any other Japanese disease while traveling. Close your mouth...I was kidding about the last part, but we are going to wait until AFTER Japan.

A slot machine is definitely in my future. This idea makes Kelli get that "hmm you really are serious face". I have done a ton of research. I know which model I want. I am going to get an IGT (the biggest slot machine maker in the United States) S-2000 slot machine. Through my research I found out that changing a slot machine theme/game is pretty easy. There are a lot of businesses selling slot machines. Some buy them used and simply resell them. Others buy them used, refurbish them (replacing the glass, buttons and reels) and then resell them. The refurbished machines are cleaner and have a much less smokey smell. Most of the businesses that sell slot machines are in Ohio or Arizona. I am going to fly out to Arizona sometime soon and check out the machines. Right now I am looking at Az Slots and Rocky Mountain Slots.

Selling our used washer and dryer is a chore. Craigslist has so many flakey people. I have had a ton of emails. I return them all. Then nothing. One guy did drive out from Weatherford yesterday (a good 50 mile drive!). Once he got here he changed his mind. He thought they were newer. The ad clearly states they are 8 years old (but don't look it!). I just want them gone!

May could a really boring month for me or really busy. Of the first 13 days of the month I work 12 of them. I work 6 on, 1 off and then 6 on. I did this to myself in order to get a week off later in the month. I really enjoy the flexibility of my job. Rather than work Monday-Friday like most people, I can move my days around to suit what I want. The only rule is I can't work more than 6 days in a row. It's extremely easy to go on vacation without burning vacation days.

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