Monday, April 6, 2009

Stressful Travel

I always stress whenever Kelli and I travel non-rev. No idea why. We always get to where we want to go. Sometimes I get the last seat on the plane (jumpseat in the cockpit). Other times we have to go some funky way home (San Jose to San Diego to DFW comes to mind). We always get there.

The flights to Miami are pretty full. We were going to go Thursday evening, stay at a La Quinta (that has a free airport AND cruise terminal shuttles!) for the night to make sure we got there okay. The flights Thursday morning have gone from bad to iffy to bad. The flights Friday morning at iffy. Our alternate plan right now is to fly to Nashville, TN Thursday night and Miami Friday morning. The only iffy thing about Nashville is the single flight to Miami in the morning. It's less than 1/4th full right now. As long as it doesn't have a mechanical problem we should be good to go. Our super alternate is to go through Atlanta. They have a red-eye Thursday night getting into Atlanta at 1:15AM. The flight to Miami leaves at 6AM. Not really worth getting a hotel. Not sure how Kelli would handle that.

We watched a CNBC special (click here to watch it on via HULU ) on cruising. The special happened to be about Norwegian Cruise Lines, the company we will be cruising on this Friday. I am really bummed they ban passengers from bringing alcohol on board. They Xray all bags and will confiscate any liqour until the end of the cruise. BOOOO! Me being me, I have found a great cruise website ( ) with forums about all about cruises. There are many tips on how to bring liqour on board without getting caught. We will see.

I found my best friend from high school on Facebook recently. The last time I saw her was in a gas station in Nacogdoches, TX (where I went to college). I saw her in passing. Prior to that we lost touch after I left Texas Tech (where I went to school for my first year of college). It is really nice to connect with her again. The search is still on for one other friend, Beth Dusesoi. I fear the worst but hope for the best with her. She lead a kinda crazy life after high school.

Three days of work until vacation.

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