Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snooty Shoe Store

I have big feet. Size 14 on a good day. Size 13 wide on a better day. Buying shoes is always an experience. I usually get a double take/smirk/surprised look when I tell the salesperson I need a size 14.

I looked online today for a good deal. I like New Balance. Sears had them on sale in a size 14!!! But not in stock in my area. I browsed and and found a few styles I liked in my price range.

When I stopped by the first Kohls...only size 13. They did have a 13 extra wide. They fit fine. I would have like a 14. The clerk said they had one 14 for a while, some other freak stopped by and bought them yesterday. Ok he didn't say freak, but he did size me up. I don't have the vertical height of most size 14 shoe wearers.

I bought the 13 extra wide shoes and headed to the New Balance store. I told the clerk my issue. She asked what I wanted shoes for. Hmmm walking? Maybe a little wind surfing. After letting her know all I do is walk (unless I am running from Zombies, which my friend Raymond already has a plan for) she pointed me to some plain jane shoes. I asked home much....$90!!!! The running shoes started at $120! These prices were all WAY higher than for the same shoes! I asked about the discrepancy. The sales lady quickly said her stores shoes are not the same as I would see on If I bought shoes on they would NOT be the SAME as the shoes I see in the store. I would have to go to to get shoes from THIS store. They way she was talking it was as though her New Balance shoes are better. Yeah. I politely left the store.

Having big shoes sucks. If we have an off spring I hope they don't get my foot genes.

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  1. You're a better man than me... There would have been nothing polite about the conversation the store clerk and I would have, before I left the store... It's not as if you went in there and started degrading her or her store??? Some people I swear...