Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Organizationally Challenged

Anyone who has ever seen my office or heard stories from my wife (the one about the ferret she found isn't entirely true) knows I am "organizationally challenged (that's the politically correct term). Every now and then I get a hair up my arse to clean up. Such an event occurred this week (those picking the last week in April are the winners, check your tickets carefully folks).

In preparation for the arrival of my mother in law (and because it needed it), I began cleaning my office. I filled two giant lawn garbage bags with cables, CDs (many over 10 years old and deteriorating!) and more. I also picked up the living room area.

Last week I sent a hard drive back to the manufacturer for replacement. It was inside a Buffalo external hard drive case. The new drive arrived yesterday (Samsung has crazy fast warranty returns!). Now sometime during my cleaning I moved the external hard drive case! I know right where it was when I took the drive out. No longer there. If I had no cleaned it would still be there. Cleaning is bad.

The H1N1 virus is out of control. The government has asked media outlets to STOP using "Swine Flu" to help avoid public panic over pork products. The extreme majority of news outlets are still using Swine Flu.

Last night the Fort Worth ISD decided to cancel all classes until May 11th! In addition they advised parents to not send kids to daycare and to keep them away from other kids. WTF?!?!!? How can any parent in this economy STOP working for over a week! With just a few hours notice! Any parent that has a kid age 5-15 (about the cutoff age for leaving a kid home alone IMHO) has to find someone to watch their kid for the next 12 days! I find this totally irresponsible on the part of Fort Worth ISD. This economy is already hurting. Many families are barely making it. Requiring them to NOT work (or pay for unexpected daycare) is going to make things worse. I suspect many lower to middle class families are simply going to leave younger kids home alone as they have no choice. I am sure there will be stories on TV about 7 year olds getting injured (or worse) while home alone over the next 12 days.

This H1N1 virus is being blown out of proportion. THE REAL FLU IS WORSE!

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