Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is it so wrong?

I have 5 days off starting tomorrow. The original plan was to take a vacation. We did that last week. I was going to pick up overtime, but there are currently no open trips. So I thought I should go somewhere. The world is my oyster!

So where to go? I seriously contemplated flying to Japan for two days. Kelli would kill me for going without her. I then thought of somewhere I could go that she didn't want to go that was international. Couldn't come up with anything.

Right now I am penciling in flying to New York for the day tomorrow. I plan on flying to Newark leaving DFW at 6:30 and arriving in Newark at 11. I will then hop on the Airtrain to ride up to Penn Station. Leaving Penn Station I will walk 15 minutes to the New York Autoshow. After spending a few hours I will stop by Sbaroo (My favorite NY pizza place!) and then catch a train to the JFK airport and fly back at 6PM. That all depends on the weather though. A storm will be moving in tonight and stick around tomorrow.

I have no idea what to do with the other 4 days.

Kelli thinks I am nuts for not wanting to just sit at home. Sitting at home is what I do every work day! I work 2PM-10PM. Between 6AM (when Kelli leaves and I wake up) and 2PM I sit around the house. Boooo.

Kelli used my Prime Membership to buy a crap load of books. She reads a lot. Women should have never learned to read. Next she will want to vote.....and have the right to think for herself. Damn womens lib!

Today I will be paid to sit at home and be on call. I seriously doubt I will be called.

Next Wednesday I find out what plane I will be flying and if I will be getting a pay cut.

Finished the taxes. We are getting back a little more than $150. We would have gotten back more....but I had that damn second job that didn't take out taxes.

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