Friday, April 10, 2009

First Impressions

The cruise line we are on is one of the "value" priced lines. The hotel we stayed at, La Quinta Miami Airport East, must have a deal with the cruise ships/port. There were several guest staying there who were on cruises. The hotels offers a free shuttle to the port, which is why we stayed there.

Since I checked us in online last week we breezed through the welcome area. From the time we were dropped off until we were sitting in the lounge waiting to board was under 5 minutes. We were only behind 7 other people waiting to get on board.

I read several forums about how they confiscate alcohol brought on board. Every bag gets x rayed. Supposedly anything bottle shaped is inspected. Well I had two water bottles in my bag....they didn't even ask. Next time I am bringing my buddy Jim Beam.

Once we walked on board we were greeted with free Champagne. We were one of the first people on board so it was very empty. There was a welcome aboard buffet on the pool deck so we made our way there. We had our pick of tables and selected one next to a window with a view of downtown Miami and the port.

The area quickly filled up. We ate and then people watched for a while. We are always amazed at what people choose to wear in public. Several badly/imporperly/scarily dressed people passed by. Someone somewhere told these people that they looked good. Liars are everywhere I guess.

The rooms won't be ready until 2PM so we are in a lounge waiting. I busted out my old T-Mobile Dash to tether to my laptop for Internet access. It's not fast....but it gets the job done.

Both Kelli and I brought books to read. She is reading Twilight while I am reading Splash of Colors : The Self-Destruction of Braniff International. I really like airline history. I have read at least 5 books on the topic in the last year. It helps to see a name in one book and know alot about them from another.

Kelli and I realized we are addicted to vacations. This is our 4th vacation this year. We have done Disney for a week, San Jose for an extended weekend, Las Vegas for a long weekend and now this 3 day cruise. Next weekend we are penciling in a day trip to New York for the auto show. Next month Kelli is going to Oregon...I might go. June brings us back to California for wedding. Nothing else planned after that. I better not loose my job. We can't afford "real" airline tickets.

Prolly my last update until we get back.

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