Friday, April 3, 2009

Internet on vacation

When we went to Cabo last year I didn't stress much about the Internet as the resort had cheap access. The cruise has expensive access. The rate is $3.95 to set up access and $0.75 a minute! Yeah. I figure Friday I will be okay as we will still be in port until 5PM. Here is our itenerary.

Itinerary   Map
Day     Port     Arrive     Depart
Fri     Miami     -     5:00 PM
Sat     Nassau     8:00 AM     6:00 PM
Sun     Great Stirrup Cay     8:00 AM     5:00 PM
Mon     Miami     7:00 AM

Saturday will be rough. Maybe I can find a cheap internet cafe in Nassau. Sunday I will have to use the ships access. Monday we will be back on dry land. I am probably going to buy a prepaid SIM card for use while on vacation. The prepaid cards have cheaper phone access than our monthly plan. Odd. Additionally there have been issues with T-Mobile G1 owners and roaming. The G1 is a data intensive phone. Owners have had all data turned off and still been hit with hefty data roaming charges as the first release of the G1 was always communicating data. Supposedly it's fixed. Yeah.

My brother in law is in town this weekend. He is currently a cop with the NYPD. Tomorrow he is trying out for the Hurst, Euless, North Richland Hills and Southlake police departments. They all use one try out process which makes it easier on the applicants. I am sure he will get the job.

Kelli is still loving her Mac. I have had mine for a year now. Still happy. I've had my car for a year now as well. Just over 7200 miles in the last year. If we don't have a kid it's going back in 2 years for sure. It's a great car...but not need for all that space for just the two of us.

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