Thursday, April 2, 2009

I had every intention of exercising

I am in Cleveland for the night. The hotel as an awesome gym. I had every intention of exercising when I got out of my uniform. As I dug through my bad I realized I didn't pack any shorts! Since I am on airport standby I packed my bag to a bare minimum status....apparently too minimum. My bag is only packed for 3 nights away from home with the bare essentials. I need to add work out shorts. Really bummed about it.

Facebook is amazing. I found my best friend from high school today. Seems she is supporting her husband like Kelli is supporting me.

A week from now I will be sitting on a boat.

I checked in for the cruise today. We were assigned a room on a secluded deck. This is good and bad. We will see how it goes. All we have to do is pick up our keys and walk aboard. This is so much easier than the first time I went on a cruise.  I still remember waiting in a line for hours.

My brother in law is coming in town tomorrow.

Kelli and I are penciling in a day trip to NY for the NY autoshow on the 19th. Flights look good.

Time for bed. Short overnight.

I really did want to exercise. I sleep sooo much better when I do.

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