Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm a keeper

I have a lot of "stuff". Kelli calls it crap. I call it "a historical collection of items collected by Darren Byrd". There are items I have had for over 10 years. There is one item I bought brand new in 1997....and have yet to open. Still got it.

Last year when Kelli bought a new washer and dryer I tried to sell my old washer and dryer set. No luck. The set sat in the garage since then.

Last week I broke the new dryer. It was overloaded. The dryer is still under warranty (for another month!). The repairman came out...ordered a part. It arrived yesterday and he will be out this weekend to fix it. I personally feel he mis-diagnosed it. We will see.

Anyways since the OLD dryer is still here, I slid that baby back into place. Thanks to me keeping stuff around.....we still can dry clothes!

Working on our taxes. We owe. Boooo.

Still thinking about flying up to New York Saturday.

I find out next Wednesday what plane I will be flying. Might be my current one....will probably be a new one. Hopefully either way I will still be based in Dallas.

My Macbook Pro is one year old. No longer in warranty. Of the money I won on vacation, all but $95 is being spent to pay down debt. I am spending $95 to upgrade my Macbook Pro hard drive from 200GB to 500GB. The biggest hard drive currently available at a fair price for laptops is 500GB.

Curiously Apple has easy instructions for upgrading a regular Macbook hard drive. The hard drive in Macbook Pro's is not considered user replaceable. Replacing it *could* void the warranty. I am not worried. There are a bunch of websites/videos with instructions on how to easily upgrade the hard drive.

Kelli and I have lost ZERO pounds over the last year. We both have more muscle...but weigh the same. Hmpf.

No news on the offspring front. Not sure when we will visit the topic again. I really like our free travel lifestyle and disposable income. Eh. Hmpf.

Damn taxes.


  1. Speak for yourself! I have lost 10 pounds since September and I am very proud of that fact! I just haven't lost anything else since before we went to Disney World. Its not for lack of trying. Its just that every time I get moving on my weight loss again we go somewhere and eat badly. I keep losing the same 3 pounds over and over again.

  2. Hmmm why are you reading this blog?