Monday, August 31, 2009

The floors are done!

We finished putting the floors down over the weekend. We still have to reattach all the baseboards and then paint the walls as we lowered them. Over the last month we laid down over 700 square feet of flooring. Our house is only 2000 square feet total. The only carpet remaining is in the master bedroom, my office, guest bedroom and two hall closets. I might redo the guest bathroom next week. Will only cost $80 or so to do it. I will post photos Wednesday of the floors. I would do it now, but I am in Pensacola, Florida. I picked up some extra flying to help contribute to Tokyo...although with Chase Bank screwing

I called Chase again today and had a very balanced conversation. The agent (thankfully an American) did his best to defend the practice. When asked why I was being saddled with extra payments when I have never made a late payment he stated that Chase was in the business to make money and that they are allowed to change the minimum payment at will. Additionally they allowed me to take out a high amount of unsecured debt....."if you don't pay we have nothing to repossess and sell thus it's a huge liability". Really ? Aren't most things purchased with a credit card liabilities? After about 20 minutes of useless banter I ended the call respectfully.

Our Snow Leopard upgrade arrived today. Will likely install Wednesday. Unlike Windows, Apple's Operating Systems are sold on the honor policy. There are no license keys or activation schemes. Just install it using the honor system. I did purchase a family pack license to upgrade up to 5 computers. There are 4 Macs in my family. I have one, Kelli has one, my sister in law has one and my mother in law has one. Sure that's how it works. Yep. Hmmm Eric is in my extended family via my Fraternity. He has a Mac. Gotta read the fine print.

I have a neat application for my T-Mobile G1 that keeps track of my gas mileage. I love keeping track of gas mileage.

Since I installed the application back in March I have had my highest MPG average of 28.64 MPG and the lowest is 25.92 MPG. I average 330.10 miles between fillups. The most I have paid per gallon is $2.49. The lowest was $1.69. I have spent $303.63 on gas. I spend $0.09 per mile on average no gas. Neat huh? Well I think it is. The app has a lot more data than that.

I am going to plan a party to celebrate Kelli's last beer. Going to be sometime late October/ early November. Should be cool by then. Kelli has been a closet alcoholic...guess the term is functional alcoholic for a while. Time for her to put down the bottle. Ok not really....her last beer as she is going to stop drinking as to avoid having a baby with any more issues than I will contribute.

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