Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Got luck on my side

Every flight I had over the last two days was on time...actually they all left on time and arrived at least 10 minutes early. This kinda sucks as I was on overtime. Boo.

I am going to buy a lottery ticket today. I have had quite the luck lately. Yesterday I flew the flight from Pensacola to DFW. Not only did Air Traffic Control give us the runway closest to the terminal, but I made the best landing I have had in more than a month. Double luck. The next flight was to Cleveland, Ohio. I took this leg as well. After another very nice landing I found an interesting bug/bird/something splatter on the wing.

After each flight I inspect the plane for damage/general condition. When I walked to the right side of the plane I quickly noticed a dark splatter on the right wing where there was also a dent. Crap. "I must have hit something" I thought. Whatever it was had greenish guts...the diameter was about 9 inches. I notified the Captain and he came out to inspect the issue. He noticed that this dent had recently been worked on as given evidence by the polished metal and fasteners used right around just that area. It appeared as though I hit a bug/whatever in the exact spot as a previous bird strike. We checked the maintenance logbook and called the main operations to confirm. Sure enough a bird strike had been repaired in that exact spot a little more than a week ago. Since there were no feathers or signs of blood, it appeared to be just a large insect. Nice

I have today off. Updated my Macbook Pro to Snow Leopard. No big changes that I can see yet.

We are going to buy some rugs for the floor. Need one for under the recliner (the Lazyboy recliner has legs that will easily scratch the floor) and possibly something for the slot machine.

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