Friday, September 18, 2009

More waste

I've thrown out over 100 pounds of stuff. Yesterday was my third trip to the city dumpster...I think I have one more trip.

We moved the recliner. It was in no mans land. Now the living room is much more open.

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During my cleanup I found a box of floppy disk. I paused for a moment. I remember buying Microsoft Flight Simulator on floppy 15 different disk. Back then I loaded disk #1....then disk #2...and so on. Needless to say it took a while to install a program...and it was all in DOS. No pretty icons...just white text on a black background. Anyways I threw out all but 2 random floppies....gotta remember the past.

Speaking of the past. Over the last few months I have reconnected with people from my past via Facebook. It's amazing who's on Facebook. I've reconnected with my best friend from high school, my first girlfriend and more. Unlike Myspace...I think Facebook is here to stay.

Zune. I love my Zune 80 gig. Kelli likes her tiny Zune 8 gig. We both get all the music we want for $14.99 a month. I'm eyeing the Zune HD or Ipod Touch. Can't find a compelling reason to buy either. Would be nice to have a web browser on my MP3 player. I really wish my G1 has a normal headphone jack. If it had one I would be fine using it for everything. There is a new T-Mobile Android phone coming out next month that does have a headphone jack. Might be worth the wait.

My mother in law planned next years vacation. A week in a cabin in Oregon. I shouldn't say cabin...she says its a a resort. Hmm...I think it's Sun River resort. Don't see a Casino on the website. I will be a team player. She says there is free Wifi. I should be fine. I won't be hiking, white water rafting, snow skiing, horse riding, or mountain biking because.....that's how white people die. They do have Sailplane excursions......that might be interesting.

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